Sunday, September 25, 2011

Liz' Life: 4 Months

 Four Months

This month you've really gotten into a routine. I feel like a lot has changed this month and I love to see the new things that you do. At your last checkup you weighed 17lbs (off the charts) and were 25 inches tall (95 percentile). I hope that you grow to be 5'7" instead of 5'4" like your mommy. You had a really bad rash this past month and we found out that you have severe eczema. The doctor put you on organic diapers and wipes and we had to switch from Johnsons baby products to Aveno. We have been putting Derma Smooth on your skin twice a day and your skin has cleared all up! Dr. Goldberg was so happy to see you talking to him and making eye contact. He was besides himself. You really like to grab things now and this month you learned to pull your car seat toy hard enough to make it sing and it brings a smile to my face every time I hear it! You went on your first road trip to see your great grandparents on my side of the family and you did very well and slept half the ride. Mommy is sorry for not taking any pics of our trip :( For the most part you aren't as fussy anymore and it seems your reflux is getting a lot better! You are also sleeping through the night most nights which makes mommy and daddy very happy! You now wear 6-9 month clothes and 9 months fit you very well. You also can wear some 6-12 month onsies. We are enjoying every minute watching you as you grow!

Love mommy & daddy

18 Week Stats:

Sleeping: You go to bed around 8 p.m. and usually don't wake up till 6:30 a.m.!!!! You have some nights where you wake up at 4-4:30 and mommy just puts you in bed with us and you sleep for another 2 hours. No more late night feedings!!!!! If we are home you take a 2 hour nap in the mornings and then 30 min to an 1 hour nap throughout the day.

Eating: Mommy feeds you in your high chair now at every feeding if we are home. Daddy feeds you your last feeding in your room. You are eating 6 oz at every feeding and for breakfast you also have an ounce of rice cereal out of a bowel. You are eating it so much better now and have been eating it all!

Activity: Your GiGi bought you a bouncy which you aren't that tall enough yet to bounce on it but you like to sit in it and watch your cartoons. You still love your activity mat and mommy has been working with you to sit up on your own and roll over. You did roll onto your side from your tummy for the first time recently but haven't done it since.

Likes:  Being held is your favorite, then playing on your activity mat and watching cartoons. You love bath time with daddy and you love to stand up.

Dislikes: You hate being on your tummy still and I am hoping that changes soon! You hate when I have to stop and burp you.

Pics from this month:

Liz and her Uncle Mike at Grandpa Ace's funeral

Family pic at reception after Joey's grandfathers funeral

Liz and Grandpa Junebug

Daddy and Liz watching first UH game of the season

In her bouncy for the first time

Rolled on side for first time