Thursday, September 23, 2010

Home Sweet Home: Year 1

Today marks one year that Mr. Lopez and I have been in our home!!!!!!!! I wish we could say that we've really done a lot to it but we haven't. We want to do some painting and a few other things but things take time and were trying to come up with a plan of when we can do what. To celebrate we are getting gutters put on the front of the house and hopefully they will be done soon.

Here are some pics of what our house started off as when we were getting it built and what it looks like now. Excuse the mess.

Getting Built

Living Room Getting Built
Living Room

Bar area in living room

TV stand in living room


Book shelf in office

Futon in Office

Movie shelf

Guest bedroom

Family pics of me in hallway

Guest bathroom

Guest bathroom




So as you can see we haven't done any painting but I'm hoping to change that this year!

Did you do a lot of cosmetic work to your house your first year?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Project Weight Off: Time for Lift Off

OK as I said yesterday I'm starting Project Weight Off. Today is day 2 and I'm on off to a good start. I have not had anything sweet in 2 days and have started my pilates videos. I worked out last night when I got home and then this morning at 5 a.m.

I also mentioned yesterday that I was going to take pics of myself and share them with you to show my progress. I have to say that after seeing these I am very disgusted. It looks so bad. This proves to me once again that I have to loose weight and start eating healthier. So here are my starting pics.

Weight 163.6 lbs
BMI 128.1

I really can't believe that I am actually posting these pics. I am so disgusted with myself. Thank you for all of the sweet comments and encouragement yesterday and I really hope that I don't let myself or you down this time.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Truthful Tuesday {9.21.10}

I don't think I have been very honest with myself or with my bloggers. Most of you know that I've been dealing with my weight for a while now and even though at one point I was going to the gym sometimes and trying to eat healthier sometimes I really wasnt doing my best. And truthfully I thought I am fine the way I am. And I kept on making excuses. No I am by no means obese but in the past year and a half I have gained 30 lbs.

I have been at this weight before back in 2004 and had decided to loose it in 2005. I promised myself I would never get back to this weight again and threw away all my "fat" clothes. But now I am right back here. I am 5 feet 4 inches and weigh 163.6 lbs. That has my BMI at 28.1 and to be at a normal weight my BMI needs to be between 18.5 - 24.9.  I went to my mother-in-laws this week and she asked if I was pregnant and I told her no I'm just fat. I'm tired of looking this way and not doing anything about it.

I hate that joining a gym, weight watchers, jenny craig or even just eating healthier when dining out cost so much money! Money that I don't have! But that cant be my excuse any more! I don't want to get pregnant at this weight and gain 30lbs and be at close to 200! That can't happen!!!!!!!!!! I will not let that happen! I need to be healthier for me and for the baby I want to have some day.

So I woke up this morning with the feeling that it was time for a change. It's time to get serious about loosing weight and no more excuses. Believe me I know this process takes time. Last time it took me about 9mths to loose 30 lbs the healthy way. So I decided to start off by having 2 short term goals.

1. Since it takes doing something for 21 days to become a habbit, I decided for the next 21 days I am not going to have anything sweet to kick my sweet tooth and do pilates in the morning and some cardio in the evenings.

2. I am going to strive to loose 10 lbs by my birthday which is November 27.

I have decided to call this project, Project Weight Off. I am going to start tomorrow weighing myself and I'm going to take a picture of myself to post so I can keep track of my changes. Whitney over at Slimming Down for the Gown has truly inspired me to do this! This morning when I went to Whitney's blog I saw a new post that caught my attention. It was titled, If this doesn't Motivate you, I don't know what will! And this is what was posted.

Watching this especially after I already woke up with a feeling that I needed to do this, totally validated me. I'm taking this as a sign that I can do this and I will do this! If he can do this and if Whitney can do it then why not me? And any time I feel like I can't I'm going to rewatch this.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

30 Vows of Summer {Final Update}

At the beginning part of the summer I participated in Mama Kat's writing workshop, declaring my 30 vows of summer. I of course didn't complete all of my 30 vows but here is what I was up to the summer of 2010.

FAIL 1. Go to as many of Joey's baseball games as I can to root for my honey! (Went to only 2 games)
2. Continue growing my hair super long :) (Grew out my hair & donated to Locks of Love in August)

3. Plan a party at my house for friends at least once. (Had a party at my house)
4. Price gutters for our house. (We are actually getting our gutters put on tomorrow!)
FAIL 5. Get flood insurance.
FAIL SORTA  6. Get prepared for a possible hurricane.(We did buy a case of water and have a portable light in case lights go out.)
7. Find places for wedding gifts. (I actually finished this today. I cleaned out our guest bedroom closet to put our wedding gifts in until we can get a china cabinet.)
BIG FAIL 8. Loose 10lbs. (I'm sure I've even gained some weight.) :(
9. Spend time with my nieces and nephew. (Went to Lakehouse with them and enjoyed swimming and playing the Wii.)

10. See Eclipse opening night! (Saw it July 3)
11. Take hubby to baseball game. (Got free tickets from work to see Astros vs. Cubs on July 27th)
12. Do more (any) yard work! (This weekend we took out the bushes/weeds that were in an area when you walk up our entry way. Now after we get gutters on we can add flowers)

FAIL 13. Continue working out twice a day at least 3x a week.
FAIL 14. Wear bathing suit without complaining .(I only wore my bathing suit once and of course i complained)
FAIL 15. Visit my dads grave.
FAIL 16. Take a trip to Schlitterbahn.
17. Buy a few summer outfits .(I bought some work clothes instead)
18. Read lots of books :) (Have read 3 books for Book Club and another 3 on my own)
19. Go swimming in our community pool. (Went swimming with Joey's brothers and mom)
20. Go visit my foster parents. (Visted them on Father's Day and to see Eclipse and Wicked!)
FAIL 21. Paint at least one room in house.(I am hoping to do this before Thanksgiving. First thing is I want to paint our entry door red)
22. Spend more time with friends. (Went to football game and attended a birthday dinner for a friend)

23. Not complain too much about the heat.
24. Drink more wine!(I have been getting my wine on at our book club meeting and anytime I go out to eat with friends)
FAIL 25. Go outside more! (It is just too Damn hot outside with 100+ degree weather)
26. Travel somewhere (anywhere)! (Went to Dallas for my cousin's wedding)

27. Complain less in general.
28. Be more relaxed.
BIG FAIL 29. Not stress so much about work. (Not happening! Gotten worse and now looking for another job)
30. Enjoy the summer!

There were definitely some things I wish I would have done like visit my dad's grave and go to Schlitterbahn but there's always next summer.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Fab Friday {9.17.10}

This post is dedicated to my husband who is totally fabulous! He is just a great person and so loving. I'm so proud to still be with him and in love with him for almost 7 1/2 years. He's ultra fab this week because after 3 1/2 long months of not having a job, he is now employed. I'm so proud of him for not giving up.

I just want him to know I will always have his back through good times and hard. Here is a song I heard this morning on my way to work. It's TI's new song and it fits perfectly for what I've been feeling lately! Here's to you babe!

Half Full Friday {9.17.10}

I can not believe that I have not done a Half Full Friday post since July. That's just horrible. But I'm here to get back on track.

This week's list:
  • I am happy that Mr. Lopez started  his new job!!!!!
  • I am happy that I have started taking prenatal vitamins.
  • I am happy that UH won against UTEP last weekend. Go Coogs!!!!
  • I am happy that I'm going to give blood tomorrow because I am a Committ for Life member.
  • I am happy that we have started working on our front yard.
Check out what Eyegirl and others are happy about this week!

What made you happy this week?


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekend Recap: Celebrations & Containers

This weekend was a great weekend!! It started off bad Friday when I woke up to a nail in my tire AGAIN but this time it couldn't be replaced so had to buy a whole new tire. But by Friday afternoon my day had gotten better with the news that Mr. Lopez got offered a job. So Friday night we went to buy him some new work clothes and then headed to Red Lobster for dinner.

Then we came home and watched the UH vs UTEP game which I am happy to report that UH won!!!!!!!!!!!! Now on to UCLA next weekend and I'm kinda nervous. If we win that  will be amazing for us.

On Saturday we woke up early and headed to the grocery store. Then we made our way to The Container Store to pick up some storage things for the house. Our house is pretty small and we don't have a lot of cabinet space especially in the kitchen. I really could have gone crazy shopping but we stuck to just buying a few things this time. Here is what we got:

Container to hold our kitchen supplies that pulls out.

Pot/bakeware holder

Containers to hold Mr. Lopez & I's bathroom essentials.

Later that evening the hubby and I went to the Cheesecake Factory to celebrate a friends birthday. The food was yummy and the cheesecake was of course fantastic. Mr. Lopez and I shared a white chocolate macadamia nut cheesecake.

Left to Right: Krutina, Holley, Tomi & birthday girl Gabby
Mr. Lopez & I
On Sunday we cleaned the house and then of course watched football. We watched our home team the Texans play against my favorite team the Colts!!! I was super sad to see the Colts loose but happy that my home team actually pulled it off.

So what did you do this weekend?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Decorating: Fall & House Decorations

I like most people are so ready for Fall to officially be here. Living in Texas during the summer is just plain miserable and I'm ready for the cooler weather even though it doesn't get as cool as I would like here.

As you may have noticed I have a new Fall background so with that I wanted to show you some fall decorations that we have started putting up.

I hope to buy some more fall decorations within the next month to get ready for Thanksgiving as we will be hosting our first Thanksgiving at our house this year. I will have to take our current fall decorations down for Halloween and then put them back up.

Here are some other house decorations we put up a couple of weeks ago.

Have you started putting up Fall decorations yet?