Saturday, October 22, 2011

Liz' Life: 5 Months

 Five Months

I am amazed to see how much alert you are and all the things that you do! At your last checkup you weighed 17lbs 14 oz(off the charts) and were 26 1/4 inches tall (off the charts). You are so tall! Since we changed to organic diapers and Aveno products your skin is looking a lot better! You are constantly putting something in your mouth and you like to suck on your fingers. I am waiting anxiously for that first tooth to come in. You stayed a whole weekend away from mommy and daddy this month while we went on a church retreat. We missed you so much!  You smile a lot and it just lights up everyone around you. I'm still waiting for you to roll over again but you are liking tummy time a little more. You wear 6-12 month clothes and 9 months fit you very well. You also can wear 12 month clothes. We can't wait to see what next month brings!

Love mommy & daddy

22 Week Stats:

Sleeping: You go to bed around 8 p.m. and usually don't wake up till 6:30 a.m.!!!! You have some nights where you wake up at 4-4:30 and mommy just puts you in bed with us and you sleep for another 2 hours. No more late night feedings!!!!! If we are home you take a 2 hour nap in the mornings and then a 2 hour nap throughout the day.

Eating: Mommy feeds you in your high chair now at every feeding if we are home. Daddy feeds you your last feeding in your room. You have eating a little less now which I think means your starting to want solids. We will see what the doctor says at your next appointment. For breakfast mommy feeds you an ounce of rice cereal out of a bowel along with your bottle. You are eating it so much better now and have been eating it all!

Activity: You are enjoying your bouncy a lot better and I just love to watch you figure out your toys on there. We bought you a tummy mat that has toys on the end which you seem to like better. You are grabbing onto everything!

Likes: You can spend a long time on your activity mat and you enjoy being the center of attention. You also like it when mommy and daddy tickle you!

Dislikes: You still hate being burped!

Pics from this month:

Liz and her great great grandma

Mommy and Elizabeth

Liz and Aunt Krysti

What are you looking at?

Holding her teething ring