Monday, August 1, 2011

Liz' Life: 10 Weeks

 10 Weeks

Sleeping: Her sleeping has gotten sooo much better since my last post since I didn't do a 9 week post. She sleeps for 5-6 hours when we first put her down at night then wakes up to eat and goes back to sleep for another couple of hours. We have her on a schedule that we got from the book Baby Wise. She eats then we try to keep her awake for a while then we put her down for a nap for an hour an a half and we do that all through the day. It seems to be working. Some days we have to go off the routine but she seems to get back on very easily.

Eating: Her pedi changed her formula to Enfamil AR which has a little starch and rice in it so we are no longer give her the extra rice cereal. She is eating between 4-6 oz at each feeding and twice a day we give her an ounce of water to help with the swelling of her esophagus.

Activity: My baby girl has been a totally different baby. She is smiling so much now and responds to you when you make faces and smile at her. She is talking a lot and is keeping her hands open more. She has found that she can suck on her hand and does that a lot.

Likes: She likes to suck on her hand, likes her swing now, likes it when you stick your tongue out at her, likes to be sitting up rather than laying down.

Dislikes: She hasn't been liking it when we read to her lately. Not sure what's up with that! She hates taking her medicine, hates getting dressed and hates getting her neck cleaned after a feeding.

Highlight of the Week: She met her new baby cousin this week and went to two birthday parties!

Pic from this Week: (I have been so bad about taking pics. I have just really been trying to enjoy her but I need to start taking pics at least one a day!)

Elizabeth and her cousin Jayden


  1. I'm so glad she's doing better! We love Baby Wise and advise it to anyone and everyone!

  2. We are going to be using Baby Wise as well. When did you start it? Savannah's still on her own schedule. I was thinking around the 2nd week??

  3. 10 weeks already!!! My how fast it goes! It's fun when they start interacting mire, isn't it?!? =)

  4. Yes, we love Baby Wise, on my post when I said "wake, feed, play," I meant wake as in wake her up, and play as in "wake time." followed by sleep last!

  5. So glad to hear how well she is doing! She's too cute!